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Appeal results and next steps

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Planning inquiry to be held in Burley in Wharfedale

Bradford Council has announced The Sun Lane planning public inquiry is to be held at Queens Hall in Burley in Wharfedale.

The decision follows the council carefully considering the views expressed by local residents, many of whom asked for the inquiry to be held in the village.

During the inquiry, the government’s planning inspectorate will consider a decision to approve the building of 500 new homes in Burley-in-Wharfedale.

The inquiry will begin at 10am, 14 May and is estimated to last for eight days.

However, if the planned refurbishment of Queen’s Hall overruns or if at any time the government inspector considers the venue unsuitable, they have the powers to relocate it to City Hall in Bradford which will be held in reserve in case it is needed.

Over the next couple of days, the council will be writing to all interested parties, including local residents, to advise them of the venue change.

Steve Hartley Strategic Director of Place, Bradford Council, said:

“Having listened to residents, we have decided that a more local venue nearer the application site will allow easier and more convenient access for local people who may wish to attend.”

Fundraising for a planning consultant

We feel that it is a good idea to engage a Planning Consultant check out what will be said at the Inquiry and to review our case pre-inquiry. Obviously, this comes with an attached cost, (around £20,000 for 8 days), however, we’re looking at around £900 ish per day for a consultant to advise and challenge Barristers who could otherwise have the upper hand throughout. That’s not to say that this might ultimately

A few of us have already raised around £2,000 and we’ve requested the support of our Parish Council, which could potentially add a further £500.

At this stage all that’s required is a pledge offering any sum of money no matter how small; every £1 helps, to help towards the cost of a planning consultant. Anyone wishing to support our efforts so should email their pledge to


We will supply the final donated figure when we ask for pledges to be honoured and the total sum collected is known. We will also post on this website, estimates, invoices received and payment confirmation from our appointed planning consultant so that the process is completely transparent.

Richard Scargill will be collecting pledges. All donations, estimates and invoicing, will be scrutinised by 3 people:

  • Karl Lavery
  • Chris Turner
  • Bob Felstead

If anyone else wishes to see the original estimates and/or invoices and payments in/out then please email us to arrange a time to view the same.

Assuming that pledges total more than is actually required, we may reduce the amount that you have pledged accordingly. This is so that we do not end up with a final balance owing to everyone who has supported us.

A huge thanks to everyone who has pledged.


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